Courbhane 74P (74 Shore A) or 95P (95 shore A) projected polyurethane is the perfect suit for :

- removable protection of fragile parts (automotive body, dashboards, airplane and helicopter parts, as well as elements for boats, rail, tractors, trucks, busses and so on.

Their main benefit is to avoid any damage during the assembly process.

- anti-abrasive coatings on tribofinition containers, concrete mixing equipment, discharge chutes, conveyors, vibrating bowls, various mechanical parts and tools…

Thanks to Courbhane’s quick polymerisation time, the projection process offers an elastomeric material which can be used immediately on any part geometry.

Our process is very flexible, and ideally suited to unique parts and small series. 

Mixer shaft
Tribofinition tank
coating of mechanical parts
door sill protection
Stiffener protection
Tablet for TGV car bar
Aircraft pipeline protection
Airplane manhole protection
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