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Roller Hood
Roller Hood
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Mini excavator hood
Mini excavator hood
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Courbis Mastershock

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MASTERSHOCK® is our brand name for “PDCPD”, which is also called TELENE®. This thermoset material features unrivalled impact resistance properties.

MASTERSHOCK® parts are manufactured thanks to the RIM process. Two components are being mixed to create an in-mould polymerization called Reaction Injection Moulding.

You will find MASTERSHOCK® products in various applications : they are the very best option for industrial vehicle hoods, in the building industry, agriculture, or truck segments. Not only their impact resitance, but also their suitability for the manufacturing of large parts, makes them the ideal candidate.     

Courbis Mastershock is a specialized entity in PDCPD parts manufacturing, with over 30 years reputation in the industry.

Our teams will support your projects from the develolopment till the final stage, including tools production, prototype manufacturing with the proper raw material, painting and mechanical components supply.


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