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Silicones are materials that make it possible in particular to obtain temperature resistance of the order of at least 180 ° C. in continuous use while retaining excellent properties of cold flexibility, chemical stability, electrical insulation, etc.
Coursil ® silicone range processed by Courbis Silicone offers a hardness range from 6 ShA to 70 ShA as standard
Two types of silicones are transformed Csi:
• RTV -> Coursil S ® range, these are crosslinked silicones at room temperature, molded by gravity, thus making it possible to produce both technical parts and semi-finished products
• EVC -> Game Coursil C ®, these are crosslinked elastomers hot compression, this allows to realize technical parts on large volumes.
We are therefore attentive to the different needs in order to offer you standard solutions in our Coursil® range or develop new materials to specifically meet your needs.

Polyurethane overmolded nut
Low pressure silicone and PU wheel
Silicone hat 30 shore A
Silicone plug 60 shore A
Protector-60 Shore A Silicone Saving
Polyurethane Helicopter Protection
Polyurethane Helicopter Protection
Polyurethane parts 40
Polyurethane cap
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