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vélib terminal
light brackets + reflective tape
PP tile avoiding weeding
AV bumper and body side panels
fender for golf scooter
pebble chair
Surveillance visor cap
Agrifac condor
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Courbis Thermoformages

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The thermoforming technology applies to thermoplastic materials processing. The basic principle is to heat up a polymer sheet according to a predefined curing cycle. The softened sheet will then be draped onto the mold to obtain the perfect shape after cooling.   

Our Courbis Therfoformages entity’s expertise includes various thermoplastic materials processing (PP, ABS, PA, …)  , and addresses a wide range of demanding markets. This process is specially adapted to small and middle size series.    

Our teams will support yor project from the development stage to the final assembly, including tools production, prototype manufacturing in the “right material” as well as sourcing the mechanical components. 


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