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Cast polyurethanes used by Courbis Synthèse feature specific properties meeting the most stringent requirements and severe environment conditions that polymers can withstand.  

Through the casting process, the pre-polymer technology and molding method selected will ensure the expected properties of Courbis Polyurethanes are met. The usual hardness of our products ranges from 25 Shore A to 85 Shore D.   

Polyurethanes properties will be the result of various parameters, including as the ingredients and the proportions of the main elements they contain:     

  • The Polyol Ether / Ester /...used

  • The isocyanate TDI/MDI/NDI/...selected

  • The curative agent, Alcohol / Amine/…used

Thanks to the proper combination of those elements, specific target properties can be achieved, such as hydrolysis resistance, excellent behaviour in dynamic constraints, as well as resistance…

Based on your needs, we will offer you some available solutions in our Courbhane ®range, or develop for you new materials specifically suited to your requirements (anti-static properties, vibration damping performance…. ). 

Umbilical protection
Crossing protection
Connexion protection
Stiffener protection
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