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The polyurethanes transformed at Courbis Synthesis are casting polyurethanes with very specific properties making it possible for them to have a very special place in the family of polymeric materials.
These are materials that are processed by casting through prepolymer technology and various molding modes to acquire various properties with hardnesses ranging from 25 Shore A to 85 Shore D.
The properties of polyurethanes depend on the choice, composition and proportions of the different main elements:
• The choice of Glycol Ether / Ester / ...
• Isocyanate TDI / MDI / NDI / ...
• Alcohol / Amine chain extender
The combination of these different elements thus makes it possible to obtain very specific properties such as, for example, resistance to hydrolysis, excellent response in dynamic stress, etc.
We are therefore attentive to different needs in order to offer you standard solutions in our range Courbhane ® or develop new materials to meet your specific needs.

Umbilical protection
Crossing protection
Connexion protection
Stiffener protection
Crossing protection
Overview of a pipe equipped with shr
Overview of a pipe equipped with shr
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